Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From Shabby to... Well... A little Less Shabby

What would you do?
You find a poor, sad (and not even very elaborate or interesting) vintage quilt falling apart at the seams? Trash or sewing treasure? What do you think?

At an estate sale on Saturday, I found this quilt lying in a heap at the bottom of a closet - tattered, torn, and on it's way to the trash bin. It didn't even have a price tag. When I inquired about it... I was told I could have it. So, of course, I had to take it home. After a good wash, it looked even sadder... and it was way beyond any attempt at repair. So, after a good, long glace through my new favorite book - One Yard Wonders - I felt inspired to make something using the quilt - but not creative enough to come up with anything apart from another table runner!

I copied the flower shapes on pattern paper and found some vintage fabrics from the same period as the quilt. I replaced the tattered, torn and threadbare appliques and trimmed them with ric rac by machine (I was feeling too lazy to hand sew this one). While watching episode 2 of American Pickers for the 4th time, I added a little embroidery to the fl orals (I have a few left to finish). Then I made some ruffles to go across the plain green squares... they looked a little naked next to my over-embellished flowers! I am thinking of adding a few of those cute little 1950s pierced plastic flower buttons at the square intersections along the ruffles to add even more whimsy.

Sometimes I just don't know when to stop!

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