Sunday, May 30, 2010

Door Score

Chippy, Crackling Architectural Art - The Thrifted Door

Hmmm... Outdoor buffet table top? Rose bush trellis backdrop? Art wall? Wreath holder? There are so many great uses for shabby vintage barn doors. And, this one is nice and skinny with lots of panels! I think I will lay it across 2 vintage wire milk crates to make a coffee table for my covered patio filled with old lanterns and candles.

Check out the perfect patina close up. It's my newest thrift score - purchased yesterday for only $2.00. I have been busy adding many coats of clear, oil-based urathane to this piece in fear the chipping paint contains lead. It will also serve to prevent the exisiting paint from deteriorating further.


  1. Awesome, love those rustic years worn thrift scores!! Oil based urethanes are great and you can also use automotive sealers in some applications where the piece will be exposed to the elements. Love the patio table idea!!

  2. Beware of the lead paint hazard.