Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Too, Too, Too Cute!

Today's Mega Treasure

Check out the fabulous vintage painted metal appliances I found today - in the perfect color combination for my retro kitchen! This 1950s play set includes an oven/stove top combo with built-in salt and pepper shakers and a double sink with storage cabinets. It even came complete with little tin red and white gingham ducky plates, a muffin tin, a baking sheet, frying pans and yellow pots. It currently sits in my garage awaiting a good clean up and a coat of liquid gold. I am not sure exactly where I will be displaying it in my home (like all of my little kitschy treasures, I am sure Tom will banish it to my sewing room).

It is marked San Diego Jr, but I have been unsuccessful in learning anything about this maker. I just love the colors and forms. Too, too cute!