Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today's Haul

I love Tuesdays!

Jordan goes to Mother's Day Out and I hit the thrift shops. Today was particularly productive and I came home with tons of my favorite things - a pouch of vintage buttons, a needle book, 4 pin cushions, 6 yards of 1930s fabrics, 2 yards of 1960s fabrics, super cute tins for stashing sewing goodies (including a complete mountable shelf of spice tins I will use to sort buttons), and 11 vintage Vogart embroidery transfers (complete and unused). My very favorite items of the day are the antique pin cushions pictured below.

Feeling inspired, I am off to rearrange my sewing room to incorporate these precious trinkets. I have about 2 hours left of Tuesday "me" time to ponder my next projects.

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