Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coming Soon!

Whimsical Meets Industrial

Bright colors, loopy layers and steel teeth make zipper flowers my freshest accessory pick for fall. Last year, I was lucky enough to attend the estate sale of a former interior designer who used zippers in her pillow creations. I purchased a box lot of over 2000 zippers and have been selling them in my Etsy shop in lots of 30 for $8.00.

I knew many of my buyers were using them to create zipper flowers for hats, hair accessories, shoe clips, bags and totes, but until yesterday, I wasn't sure how they were made. After several hours of trial and error (mostly error) I figured it out. However, most of my zippers weren't long enough to make a single, solid-colored flower. I decided to create various combinations of colors I found while researching hot color trends for fall 2010 - like the orchid, lawn and viola combination below.

I will start listing these floral embellishments in my Etsy shop during the week of August 9th - so be sure to stop by and check out my newest creations! Due to the fact that I am only using recycled and reclaimed zippers in limited colors and quantities, these will not be available for customization and will be sold only in the lots and colors featured.

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