Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fun Finds!

Well, I must have hit about 20 sales over the past two days and I found a few little goodies. First of all... the trike. Mike and Frank of American Pickers (on the History Channel Monday night 9/8c) got me all excited about vintage bikes. Their wild-eyed enthusiasm is so contagious that I literally dug this old bike out of a farmer's shed all the time thinking, "wow, man, incredible piece of mid-century decor". The only problem is that the only place it really looks at home is in my garden... so instead of rotting in the farmer's shed for the next 50 years, it will be rotting into my rose garden. Maybe it will entice a picker to knock on my door and offer me incredible American Picker prices for my vintage "junque"!

So, the things I can really use, admire, grow tired of and sell:

- 3 pieces of Imperial (marked), "Open-Rose" Carnival glass - covered butter, cream and sugar - mint.

- 1940s Westmoreland (marked) "Victoria Hands" milk glass ready to display small treasures... like...

- A wonderful stash of vintage sewing buttons... or...

- Fabulous vintage jewelry including many high-quality, showy rings in my size and wedding worthy beaded flapper-style chandelier earrings in silver and cream.

- A fabulous antique carrot tin with a beautifully graphic label in excellent condition.

- Couldn't resist the old egg beater

- A long, delicate shabby-chic pained vase in the sweetest shade of pink

- 2 Knowles Taylor and Knowles (marked) earthenware decorated platters without chips!

- A cute small brown crock - looks like it might have had a lid? It has a few rim chips, but good for storing buttons... and... my very favorite item...

- A sweet figural feedsack pot holder in red c1950. Ya, it really is my favorite item of the week.

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  1. Gorgeous stuff, I love the delicate pink vase - so pretty. I'm trying to grow some wild flowers just for the purpose of cutting to fill a few vases around my house this year (erm, other flower suggestions are welcome - I'm not much of a green thumb and our soil here isn't the greatest).