Saturday, March 13, 2010

Honey Hole - Part 2

I couldn't sleep last night knowing that I had only scratched the surface of the honey hole and that the trucks were pulling in today to clean out the house. I made a quick trip back this morning and found a few more little goodies:

Yummy vintage fabrics and linens. I knew I just had to dig a little deeper!

A huge bin full of vintage crochet goodies - including about 6 or 7 collars for garments.

Vintage metal toy trucks - including a 60s Disneyland Jeep. Looks like the TRU Scale tractor plow implement (in red) might be worth a few bucks. It will be interesting to see what it fetches on eBay this week.

A cute little hand-made red wagon toy and a nice old rain gauge advertising piece in it's original box. I also found another show box of vintage costume jewelry with a pretty glass cameo brooch.

An old Jem Junior camera in it's original box and another fishing reel ... The pipe reminded me of my Dad (I took it as a sign that he was with me enjoying every minute of the hunt).

Some old Golden books...

Two tin flip lid boxes filled with children's books, a big brass slide trombone (thanks Donna in CO) and a Triumphant Service Songs music book (I wonder if Tom remembers how to play?)

And... for my sewing room... an extra spacious, oh *sew* retro ironing board in the most fab shade of turquoise! By now, the trucks are pulling away with all the rest of the contents from this estate. I am glad I was able to preserve a few cuties and can't wait to start redecorating!


  1. What absolutely astounding finds!! lucky, lucky you!

  2. So fun! Those linens and those toys. Lucky you!

  3. We own some of the same vintage linens. So funny. I love old sheets.

  4. Eema - "reclaimed" bed sheets are very popular for sewing these days. The retro prints are fabulous, they are environmentally friendly and you can get major yardage for very few dollars ;)

    I always ask people if they have any "old bed sheets from the 60s with big, crazy designs" on them. They make the cutest lounge pants, quilts and little girl's dresses :)

  5. Stephy, that "big trumpet" is actually a slide trombone -- just to let you know! Donna in CO